Davidovitch Family & The Lithuania Archives #lithuania

danielle freedman <daniellefreedman640@...>

Dear Group,

I was wondering if someone could help me.

I started my geneology research back in March this year and rapidly found my DAVIDOVITCH family on the ALD database. Straight away I wrote to the
Lithuanian Archives about my family giving them details and film numbers >from the ALD database and payment.

I have since learnt to be precise (last night in a conversation with my
aunt) that my own grandfather was not born in Liverpool as previously
thought, but in Russia along with his brothers and sisters. Although i did not request this information initially back in March, what shall i do? - should i write a new letter to them requesting my grandfathers information additional to the search, or will they find it anyway seeing as i am requesting my grandfathers - g grandfather information? will they send me all the details of this DAVIDOVITCH family up to the present day. -Can someone who has experince of this please advise me?

Danielle Freedman - Manchester/Liverpool UK

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