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Re: SHNEYER ZALMAN questions.

Sandra Glazer Lake asked about the possibility of her family from
SKOPICHICK, Kovna Gubernia, Lithuania being descended >from the Chassidic
rebbe with that same name. I can't speak for her family but will say that
my family, >from the same area of Lithuania, used Shneyer Zalman as a family
name often. It is my understanding that it was an honor to carry the
rebbe's name rather than to note that you were a descendant.

At the 1996 Boston conference, I had the opportunity to ask author and
scholar, Dov Levin, about Chassidism in a mostly Mishnagdic Lithuania. And
he explained that northwest Lithuania, the area around Kupiskis, Rokiskis,
and Skapiskis, was heavily Chassidic.

Linda Cantor
New York

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