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Stanley Judd <stanleyjudd@...>

I would like to search the Ariogala RL for all possible spellings of
Judelowitz, Yudelowitz, Iudelowitz ...
When I searched for Ariogala exact town name, I got ca 9700 hits. I have
been unable to figure out how to narrow the search. I would very much
appreciate any suggestions on how I might proceed. Stepping thru that many
entries 50 at a time would take me many hours. If I had any problems, I
would have to start over at the beginning. I am not aware of any shortcuts.

Please reply directly to Thanks

Stanley H. Judd Los Altos Hills, CA
Locations northern Lithuania and Latvia

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The very best "shortcut" to analyzing surnames within a town or district is to search and sort the Excel files of the revision and other lists. Qualifying contributors of $100 or more are eligible to obtain these Excel files. Ariogala is in the Kaunas District, so contact Kaunas District Coordinator Ada Greenblatt at <> for more information.

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