General question about census and other records #lithuania

Kovitz, Sonia <Sonia.Kovitz@...>

Does anyone have information about the circumstances ("field conditions") in
which this information was originally gathered and recorded? I am curious
about the sequence of each group of family names on the page, i.e. whether
that might give a rough indication of which families lived near each other
(e.g. in houses side by side) or whether townspeople had to "line up" to
answer the census-taker's questions. Also I've noticed within a given
family's list of names a kind of random mix in terms of family relationship:
my overly vivid imagination sees kids running in and out and a jumble of
daughters-in-law, siblings, etc. coming and going. Another oddity is that
sometimes there will be 20 or so listings in sequence for a single family
but a couple of pages later in the records, ONE sole member of that family
will show up. Could that person have returned to town the next day after
the rest of the family was recorded? It is interesting to speculate on just
how much we can learn by studying these original sources >from many different
vantage points.

Sonia Kovitz

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