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The places that Lorraine Bertelsen asked about are sections of Vilnius, not
"suburbs" as you might imagine >from the English word. Rather they are
comparable to Les Halles or Montmartre, named sections/neighborhoods of
Paris. A genuine suburb of Vilnius (as opposed to sections of the city
proper) would be Troki/Trakai, with its own castle and village. Vilnius's
castle, the starting point >from which most medieval towns grew, is still at
the heart of its Old Town.

The following sections were built and named as the town gradually grew
outward >from the Old Town, and they still exist:

NOVY GOROD ("new town" in Russian) = NAUJAMIESTIS ("new town" in
Lithuanian), southwest of SENAMIESTIS ("old town").

ANTOCOL = ANTAKALNIS ("on top of the hill" in Lithuanian), on the hilly
eastern side of Vilnius. I lived in Antakalnis in a decrepit concrete
Soviet-era dorm for the month I spent studying Yiddish in Vlinius several
years ago. It was a 20-25 minute bus-ride every day into the Old Town where the university is. However, ANTOCOL might have been a reference to
ANTOKOLSKIO street in the Jewish section of the Old Town.

"Ekaterinslav" might have originally referred to the area around St.
Catherine's church ("Ekaterina" in Russian) that is also located in the Old
Town. Confusion with the well-known town named for Ekaterina might have
arisen later, but this is pure speculation.

As for the expulsion in 1856 of certain Jewish families >from Vilna, you
might try looking in _Jews of Lithuania_ by Masha Greenbaum. I agree with the suggestion already put forward that the cause was likely a tax- or
business-related issue that aroused the ire of local wealthy Lithuanian or
Polish nobles, especially since the expulsion was not of large numbers of
Jews but a few specific families. Probably events like this were fairly
common. helpful website on the city of

The book "Vilna" by Isaac Cohen refers to two suburbs in Vilna in which
Jews lived, apart >from right in Vilna itself, and these were >Shnipishok
(which is on the northern side of the Neris River) and Antocol (where?).
Also, can anyone tell me exactly where in Vilna, Novy Gorod was situated.
Sonia Kovitz

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