shtetl names Romeiky & Cezach #lithuania

Devera Witkin <devera@...>

I have found my maternal bubby, my paternal zaidy and one of his
brothers on the Hamburg list (1891). The ages and names are pretty
exact, so no problem there. However, the place of origin for my bubby
(Romeiky) is unfamiliar, and I cannot find it on the Shtetl List on our
LitvakSig Homepage.

When I looked each of them up on the JewishGen ShtetlFinder feature, I was able to locate with the D-M soundex a town named Remeikiai which is near Vabalninkas, Birzai (where my maternal zaidy is from) and Poneveyzys. Her surname on the Hamburg list was Satisky (which is the same name as all of the family has to this day).

My problem is that I have never been able to find the Satisky surname on
any revision, tax, or other lists in the ALD. By the way, the 3
surnames I found on the Hamburg list are all Satiskys. My mother and
father were cousins. Any ideas as to why the Satisky name is not in any
records prior to their leaving for America and South Africa, would be

Thanks, Devera Witkin (NYC)

Researching: SATISKY, LURIE, KRAMER; Vabalninkas, Ponevezys, Birzai

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