Rozalimas wooden synagogue #lithuania

Kenneth Zucker <kenneth.zucker@...>


Rozalimas has one of the few remaining wooden synagogues in Lithuania. I
have just heard that the local authorities have sold it to two young
businessmen who want to pull the building down and use the wood for the
construction of a cafeteria. Two frequent Dutch visitors to Rozalimas Dora
and Arnold Boom are seeking to buy the synagogue off the two businessmen and to then take steps to raise money to restore it. However it is by no means certain that on their own they will succeed in halting this act of

I know that there is a great deal of interest in the wooden synagogues of
Lithuania and I shall be grateful for any suggestions as to immediate action that can be taken with the authorities to preserve this part of our

I have previously been in contact with the Rabbi of Vilnius. If anyone has
his e-mail or other address could they please let me have it.

Kenneth Zucker

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