Create your own One-Step Search Applications #lithuania

Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

I just noticed that Steve Morse has added a new search tool to his
repitoire. Unlike his previous tools, this one is not a search
application. Rather it is a tool that lets other people build search
applications for whatever data they might happen to have.

Although I personally don't have a database to share, I can see how
valuable this would be to genealogists if others with databases adopted
Steve's tool to make their databases available to the masses. I'm sure
that there are many of us who have such data (perhaps cemetery data for
example) and want to make it available and searchable, but don't have
the web expertise to do so. With Steve's tool, it's very simple to make
this data available.

So if you have a database that you'd like to share, check out Steve's
new tool. It's at

and the instructions for using it are clearly described on his
frequently-asked-questions page. At the end of the faq page he gives
several demonstrations and examples of using the tool.

As usual, if you have any questions about it, please direct them to
Steve rather than to me. His e-mail address is at the top of the

Diane Jacobs
New York
Researching Singman, Steinberg, Schimkov, Schmikow, Levy, Lesnie,
Shaltakoff, Muller, Guslitzer, Stein, Dick, Dickovsky, Fradin, Bloom,
Engelberg, Elisberg, Hymes, Haimowitz, Rosenberg, Begun, Newman.

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