Re: name of town - "Vallkariss" #lithuania

Carlos Glikson

Laurence Morrell asked about his great grandfather's "Vallkariss, Russia".
His wife was >from Tykocin, son born in Bialystok.

Perhaps somebody used to the pronounciation may confirm this could be an
"evolution" >from VOLKOVYSK / VAWKAVYSK/ WOLKOWYSK, coordinates 5310 2428 in today's Belarus, WSW of Minsk, E of Bialystok.

A search for Volkovysk in ShtetlSeeker at
followed by a click in the link to MapQuest (spelling Vaukavysk) and some
zooming out shows Tykocin about 10 miles West of Bialystok, and Vawkavysk
some 50 miles East of Bialystok. The three are almost along a straight line.

Perhaps a new look at the handwriting in the notes may help...

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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