Re: Location of Saleije? #lithuania

Teresa Snow Galloway <trg1@...>

Perhaps it is "Sereje" which is now called "Seirijai". If the passenger
manifest is handwritten, it can often be difficult to decipher the
handwriting. If you are reading the manifest off the Ellis Island site,
the transcribers can have made an error. In my ggm's case, the town name
was transcribed by the EIDB volunteers as "Lereji" but upon visual
examination of the digital scan of the original manifest, was clearly "Sereje".

Sereje is southwest of Vilna at 5414N 2349E, but is not too far away.
It is closer to Alytus.

Good luck.

Teresa Galloway
Ithaca, NY, USA

MISCHLEWSKY (later MISSLER) >from Seirijai, Lithuania
KARABOWSKY (later COFFMAN, CARABO and COHEN) >from Seirijai, Lithuania
WEINMAN >from Lutsk or Kolki, Ukraine
ZALMAN >from Kolki, Ukraine
WALDMAN >from Lutsk, Ukraine
possibly BARLOWSKY >from Kolki or Lutsk

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