Dobe Most/Mostaite (and thanks re "Shaktiel") #lithuania

Meri-Jane Rochelson <rochelso@...>

First of all, I want to thank everyone who responded to my question
about a town called Shaktiel or Shakteel. I was not able to thank you
all individually, but I am grateful for your suggestions and intend to
follow up as many as I can.

Now I have another question. I have a picture of my half-brother who
was killed in the Holocaust, taken in a park in 1937. The park had very
distinctive, almost semi-tropical or aloe-like foliage, close to the
ground. In the Ninth Fort Museum there is a picture of three little
girls in the same park. The caption indicates that one of them, named
Dobe Mostaite (or Dobe Most, removing the Lithuanian ending) survived
the Shoah and made aliyah. The other two girls were sisters named
Fydler. I wonder whether any Israelis on this listserv might know Dobe
Most (who may now have another name), and, if so, whether they might be
able to find out >from her where exactly this park was located. I
believe it is in or near Kovno/Kaunas, but I have a feeling the
landscaping has changed.

I don't want to post either one of the pictures on the web. But if my
description rings a bell with anyone--or if you know this person--please

Thank you, and Chag Sukkot Sameach!

Meri-Jane Rochelson
Miami, FL

searching ROCHELSON and LUBOVSKY >from Kovno, Jurborg, Velion
FRIEDMAN and RUBIN >from Dolhinovo (in Belarus, between Minsk and Vilna)

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