virtual Shadove #lithuania


Hello Fellow LitvakSig Members . Re : my search for the booklet on Shadove

Although I have received many replies and letters of interest to my search ,
I have not been successful in locating the booklet on Shadove .
As a result , I suggest to you the idea of creating a virtual Shadove as an

Each of us will contribute whatever data he or she has about the place . The
information gathered should provide us with a list of families , their
occupations , and maybe even photos . As an example , I have a photo of
young girls on hachsharah , supposedly >from Shadove . Maybe somebody will
recognize a friend or relative amongst them .

I invite anyone interested in creating a virtual Shadove with me to send me
whatever material , information and pictures they have about Shadove . I
will organize the list and distribute it amongst all those interested ,
including the photo in my position of the girls on hachsharah .

Answer to

Sincerely , Anat Rosen


Researching: Rashkes- Kauas, Shteyn- Seduva, Goldshtein- Mariampol all from

MODERATOR'S NOTE: You may also want to consider putting the material you
collect on a ShtetlLink page. See
for more information.

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