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A note of caution when discussing PLUNGE, POLANGEN, PALANGA.
Plunge was in the Telsiai District and Palanga was in the Klaipeda
District - they were, and still are, entirely separate towns approx.
20 miles apart. Many records for both Plunge and Palanga still exist
In the Lithuanian archives. However, I would be surprised if records
for Plunge exist in the Riga archive.

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Elaine Bush might be interested to know that the records on Plunge
have not entirely disappeared. The area was at one time in the
district of Grobin in Courland [Latvia]. The Latvian Archives in Riga
have the following records for Plunge, known in German as Polangen
and in Latvian as Palanga:

The lists of Merchants: 1895, 1900-1917

Martha Levinson Lev-Zion, Ph.D.

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