Telsiai and Varniai Photographs #lithuania

Howard Margol <homargol@...>

Chaim Kaplanski was a famous Jewish photographer in Telsiai >from 1894 to
1940. Many of his photographs, on glass negatives, are in the "ALKA" Museum
in Telsiai. The museum has prepared a proposal to restore these
historically, highly significant negatives, and transfer the resulting
photographs to a digital computer database. The museum is seeking financial
support >from the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, Telsiai regional
municipality, various organizations, businesses, and private individuals. If
the project is successful, access to the photographs will be available
online >from around the world.

The museum accomplished a similar project which resulted in important photos
from the 1935-1939 Varniai Jewish Community having a new lease on life. If
you are interested, contact Marina Petrauskiene, Alka Museum, Muziejaus
g.31, LT-5610, Telsiai, Lithuania.

Please do not ask me about the photographs as I am not familiar with them.

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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