More on Litvak programs at the Jerusalem2004 Conference #lithuania


First, please let me apologize for a slip of the key when I
wrote yesterday:

<< Litvaks will have a full and rich day of networking and
information on Thursday, July 9 at the Jerusalem2004 IAJGS
conference. >>

There is no such day as Thursday, July 9. The bulk of the
Litvak events are on Thursday, July 8. But not all...

Prof. Dov Levin alerted me that his presentation Wednesday, July 7
on "Jewish Surnames in the Baltic Countries" will include "a big part of
information on our Litvaks." He will be glad to answer questions about
his lecture. Prof. Levin's lecture will be in Hebrew, with a simultaneous
translation into English. It is part of the track on onomastics, and is
therefore scheduled separately >from the presentations on Baltic research.

Judy Baston

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