Sam Shosid Chosid/Khosid/Khasid #lithuania


I am trying to find out any information about Sam Shosid/Shosed and his
wife Minnie Schneider/Schneideriene who came to N.Y. in 1904. Sam's
surname Chosid/Khosid and his Parents were >from Janova Lithuania. They
came over in 1902 as David and Chava Chosid/Chusset. They along with Sam
and Minne were going to 23 Forsythe street in New York.

I have found with some help >from other members of Jewish Gen and the ALD
many of Sam's relatives (brothers, nieces, Father, and Grandfather. But
I have yet to find anything with the actual spelling of his name in
Lithuania. He has gone by the name Sam, Samuel and Solomon and was born
around 1882-1884 probably in Janowa to David Smuel Khosid. There were a
lot of Shneyer Zalman's in the family but no records that I have found for
someone who was born at this time to David Smuel. His history should look
like this.

Does any one have access to find such a record for Sam.

Aaron David Khasid (grandfather) - 1820 (m) Sora
David Smuel Khosid (father) - 1840 (m) Leah
(m) Chava
Chaim (Khaim) - 1868 M
Leyba (Lejba) - 1870 M (m) Sora Gana
Itsik - 1872 M became Ike Wine/Wein(m)
Hannah Pavelsky and lived in
Memphis Tn.
Yankel - 1878 M
Pesha - 1879 F
Leyzer - M became Lazarus (m) Hinda
Puzeiser. Daughter was Ella
Chosid (m)Kalman Silber
and lived in Memphis TN.
??Sam - 1982-1884?? M Sam Shosid

Other relatives >from David's brother
Ayzik (1849) were Annie Chosid changed
to Lewis (m) Hutkin, Jessie Chosid changed
to Lewis (m) Balkin.

Other relatives >from David's brother Shneer
Zelman (1852) were Movsha Itsik Chosid (1878)
changed to Moses Levinsohn.

Anyone have a record for Sam Shosid outside of U.S.A.?

Shabbot Shalom
Yehudah ben Shlomo

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