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Carol Baker

There have been several recent questions about the Voter Lists that were
recently added to the ALD. These lists were obtained >from the state archives
in Vilnius but there was initially no explanation as to exactly what type of
voter lists they were. We subsequently found that they are municipal
electors' lists (see exerpt folowing). Unfortunately, we neglected to
change the Type of Record >from Voters to Municipal Electors when they were
added to the ALD. Following is a partial translation of the introductory
paragraphs to one of these "Voter Lists"

The Voter List of the Shtetle of Radviliskis for February 29, 1884

The Swear List
I, named below, promise and swear with The name of Our God (Adonai in
Jewish text), The God of Israel, >from the bottom of my heart but not because
of someother hidden sense, after those, who result me in the oath, that I
want to and must, during the present elections of the established Civil
officials, whowill serve as executives, judges and other officers, according
to my faultless conscience and honour, with no predilection and own profit,
ignoring any enimity or blood and friendly relations, elect those of my
co-brothers, whom I consider the most talented and worthy according to their
mental abilities and conscience, and who, I expect, to be able to fulfil their
obligations with azeal in favour of His Imperial Majesty and also with great
care to the publicprosperity. If I do it in another way, so, as ignoring of
the public favour,which is my own favour also, I should be blamed by my
co-brothers and in myfuture life I shall respond to the God and to His
Last Judgement. Amen. This oath has been given by: [names].

The voter list was certified with official seal and signatures of the foreman
of the Radviliskis townhall and the member of the community board.

The lists are all written in Cyrillic. I hope this helps explain the
illiterate" comments.

Carol Coplin Baker
District Research Groups Coordinator

From: "Tamar Dothan" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 22:02:30 +0200
X-Message-Number: 1

My great great grandfather , Aron Srolov/Sroelov, is on a voters list
that was recently added to ALD. There is no information about what kind
of elections were these. There is a comment on the list that he was
illiterate . Knowing what was he voting for may clarify what language
was he illiterate in. I would appreciate any clarification.

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