Re: Miller/Meller-Pandelys; Baker/Bacher; Gayon ? #lithuania

m leonards <m_leonards@...>

Dear Stanley,

Is it possible that your grandfather is the Ytzir MELLER who arrived July
27, 1898 aboard the Barbarossa >from Bremen? He was a 30 year old labourer
from Kowno, going to his brother in Boston, Mass.
I've been compiling databases of immigrants >from Kupiskis and Pandelys.
Everyone who went to Maine went to the town of Auburn. Is that true of your
family as well?

You might want to look at the manifest for 10 year old Isidor Miller who
arrived October 25, 1902 >from Rotterdam. He was also >from Kowno, and
travelling with 30-year old "Lettish" Jan Riger. Both were going to
Isidor's brother M. Miller in Auburn, Me.

I think immigrants sometimes gave the name of the Gubernia, rather than the
small towns where they lived.

Have you checked the Boston passenger lists for the 1902 arrivals?

Finally, look at the All Litvak Database. There you will find the BOCHER
family of Kvetkai, NovoAlexandrovsk (Zarasai) uyezd. The head of the
family, Shaia-Leib, son of Boruch, was born in Gajunai, Panevevezys

Good luck in your research.
Monica Leonards
suburban Philadelphia

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