Re: A.L. Revison List Database #lithuania

Carol Baker

The information in question is >from an 1892-1894 Family List. It most
likely refers to the the most recent revision list which would have been
done in 1858. It is possible that MS Lopyansky was not present at the time
and the enumerator took the only age information available. That would mean
that he was approximately 64 years old in 1892. Perhaps other lists can
substantiate it for you. A Daitch-Mokotoff search of the name comes up with
254 possibilities for the revision lists alone.

The Kaunas District Research Group has 14 lists for the town of Jonava, 5 of
which have not yet been sent to the ALD, and 10 lists for Rumsiskes, 3 still
awaiting distribution to contributors. For more information, please contact
Ada Green at adagreen@...

Carol Baker,
LitvakSIG District Research Groups Coordinator

Can someone help me figure this out. In the ALD Revision List Database I
found that in the 1892-1894 Revision List it records a MS Lopyansky, who
was 30 years old in the LAST census. It doesn't say when the last census
was, nor does it say how old he is now. This seems strange. Is it a
mistake? I also saw several other similar records.

Aryeh Lopiansky

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