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eugene k <costanza2202@...>

i have posted a message regarding explusion of Jews
from Litva. thanx to everybody who responded. i have
now more info regarding this explusion of jews during

my second question is this: does anybody knows where i
can get lists of individuals >from various shtetls, who
were moved >from their villages by force by russian
soliders. which archives contain this information? who
would keep this information? would russian army
archives or would a rabbi >from a shtetel keep this
information? or municipal halls? or perhaps at the
destination shtetel?

also, has anybody seen the name Moses (Moisey)
Mortchelevich during researching. he was a musician in
Kaunas before 1915. his wife, Beyla Leyla, and her
five children were moved to Kazatin, in the Ukarin.
they were my ancestors.

thanx to anybody who would be able to provide any
information because i dont know where to start my
research in litva.

eugene kaplan

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