New Lithuania Archive Law #lithuania

Howard Margol <homargol@...>

A new law governing access to the records in the Lithuanian Archives
goes into effect 1 January, 2005. Chapter 4, article 20 of the new
law states the following:

5. Access to the documents of the National Documentary Fond which
contain information on person's private life, as well as to structured sets
of personal data, transferred to state archives, shall be limited for a
period of 50 years after the person's death, and in the event of failure to
establish this fact - for a period of 100 years after the creation of the
said documents.

No explanation is offered as to the meaning of, "information on person's
private life". Since 94% of the Jews in Lithuania were murdered, Jewish
records may not be a problem since the 50 year rule would be covered.

You can find a complete copy of the new law on the Lithuania archive
website at (there is an English version)

The new law replaces the present 70 year rule. I have found in the past that
the archives have been very cooperative in their interpretation of the law
and I am confident they will continue to be cooperative in the future.

I cannot offer any additional information pertaining to the new law at this

Howard Margol

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