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Dov & Varda Epstein <yknow@...>

Judy Segal writes:>*snip* in my branch of the SEGAL family, hailing from
Czarist Lithuania, c. 1880 (our calendar), there apparently is the first
Has anyone else heard of this particular combination? >

Names can be combined in any form that the parents of the child desire. Tzvi
Hirsch is merely the Hebrew and Yiddish forms of the same name, same with
Aryeh Leib. Hebrew is generally used in contracts, or in calling a man to
the Torah, whereas the Yiddish would be more useful at home and in the

I suggest that Judy take a look at
which gives a good run down on Jewish naming customs.

Perhaps Judy's ancestors wanted to give their sons the qualities of both the
bear (Herschel) and the lion (Leib). Whatever the reasoning behind the name,
it's certainly not unusual or invalid. The legal name of Herschel Leib was
likely: Tzvi Yehuda (the tribe of Yehuda being associated with the lion) or
Tzvi Aryeh.

Varda Epstein

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