Re: Query about Druja #lithuania


Graham Lewis writes...The All Lithuania Database refers to
Druja as being in the Disna district, Vilna gubernia.
But other searches put it under the Vitebsk gubernia
and part of Belarus. Can you explain or resolve this?.....

Dear Mr. Lewis,
I created a page for Druja/ Druya. Today Druja is located
in the Disna uyezd, Vitebsk gubernia, Belarus ( near the
Latvian border)

You could find a map, pictures and information at;

Prior to the first World war Druja was part of the Vilna
gubernia and the entire area was part of the Russian Empire
for more then a hundred years, since the 1790s.

1921-1939 Druja, as the rest of Vilna gubernia, was part
of Poland. After the war Vilna became part of Lithuania but
much of what was before "Vilna gubernia" became part of Belarus
and the name of the gubernia was changed.

I would like very much to add your family information and pictures
to the site.

Eilat Gordin Levitan
Los Angeles

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