BERGISKY (or similar)-Vilnius #lithuania

Myra & Peter Waddell <pmwaddell@...>

This is my first posting to this discussion group. I hate to be negative
but I have hardly anything to go on, to track down my maternal grandmother's
family and, so far, have got absolutely nowhere.

On my Mother's birth certificate (Rachel - 1900), the surname BERGISKY is
given for her mother's maiden name, on her sister's b.c. (Fanny - 1912), the
surname is spelt BERGINSKY and on their brother's b.c. (Jacob - 1915), the
surname is BERAJANSKY. I'm not sure about the spelling on the other three
siblings' bc's.

I don't know very much about my maternal grandmother's family - almost
nothing! What I do know is that her name was Ester Benita, she was born
about 1878 and she lived with her father, first name unknown, in Lithuania
(probably in or near Vilnius). He was a professional soldier in the Russian
Army. Her mother died when she was young and her father remarried - a woman
who either already had children or the children were the reult of the second
marriage. Either way, the marriage didn't work out and both Esther and her
father were unhappy. That's why there were only the two of them when my
grandfather (Henoch Ouzner) met her while escaping >from Russia (or
wherever). They ended up in London, England, where my mother (and then I)
was born.

I will be grateful for any help. Thanks. Myra - >from Adelaide, South

GOLDENBERG, BORKOVSKY, SAMUELS, (all >from Romania/France/London/Liverpool),
OUZNER, OSNER, POSNER, (>from Kishinev or Chotin), BEREJANSKY/BERGINSKY(from
Vilnius, Lithuania).

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