Questions about the FAQ's #lithuania

Howard Margol

I have just received a message asking for clarification of several Litvak
SIG FAQ's. Since the questions are not of a personal nature but of general
interest, I am posting the questions, together with my answers, to the

<< I have just read the updated FAQs by you and Ada Green. You
have done an outstanding job.>>

Thanks for the accolades.

<< I do have three questions. I have always assumed that KRA meant the
Kaunas Regional Archives. Most archival records in the ALD are identified
by Fond (Fondas in Lithuanian), Register (Aprasas in Lithuanian), Year
(Metai in Lithuanian), File (Byla in LIthuanian) and Page (Lapas in
Lithuanian). I recently obtained 25 records >from LVIA which provided
these 5 identifiers.

My questions are:

1. Do I use LVIA in place of KRA or does KRA still apply? All records
were >from Telsiai or close by. >>

If the original records are in the LVIA (the first letter in each word of
the Lithuanian name of the archive - in English, it is the Lithuanian State
Historical Archive) then the source of the record is LVIA. If the original
record is in the Kaunas Regional Archive then the source is KRA. The
location of the town is not the source but the archive is.

<< 2. Are 'Register' numbers the same as 'Record' numbers? If not,
what is the difference? >>

I am not aware that there is a difference in the meaning of Register or
Record. However, "Register" is the preferred description.

<< 3. What are the ALD '/' (delimiters) used for in the ALD? The
number of '/' are not the same for all records. >>

Rather than spell out the entire source, i.e., LVIA/Fond 1228/Apras
1/Byla125/Lapas 62, it is a space saving way of using LVIA/1228/1/125/62.
The Fond/Apras/Byla numbers will almost always be shown but not
necessarily the Byla number. The numbers are based on the official
filing system used by the Lithuanian archives. With these numbers,
an archivist can go directly to the particular record in question.

Howard Margol

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