Searching for MAX SAID and family #lithuania

ijhope <ijhope@...>

I am posting new information regarding my great uncle in the hope that
somebody may recognise the family or point me in a new direction.

MAX SAID born 12th December 1879, Joneskelis, Panevezys. Family later
transferred to Pasvalys, Panevezys

Arrives New York >from South Africa April 4th 1907 to stay with sister I Said
c/o P Katzen, 126 S 4th Street, New York

Sister Nechame Said arrives New York >from Pasvalys, September 15 1909, to
stay with Max at 88 Morney? Street, New York

1910 US Federal Census has Max married to Annie(22) and living in New York

Applies for Naturalization at New York County Supreme Court, December 3rd
1913, living at 402 Madison Street, New York

Fills in WW1 Draft Registration Card 1917-1918, now living at 234 East 121
Street, Manhattan, New York, works for Lundy as a tailor, still married to
Annie and is now 39 years old.

How can this family just disappear >from records when it has been relatively
easy following the trail up to this point. Can anybody give me some
suggestions on how to proceed to find his family? Or does anybody recognise

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Illona Hope
GOP/GOPP/HOPE - Vilijampole Kaunas, South Africa, U.S.A.
ALTMAN - Kaunas
ZAID/SAID - Joneskelis, Pasvalys, Panevezys, South Africa
GORDON - Panevezys
SCHAPIRO - Sedova, England, South Africa
MAYEFSKI/MAY - Lida,England, South Africa, U.S.A.

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