e-mail contact at Vilnius Archives #lithuania

Howard Margol

taxtroll@aol.com writes - <<Does anyone have an e-mail contact at the
Vilnius Archives, possibly for Mrs. Baranova? It's been 7 months since
I mailed my request for a surname search I just want to get a status on
the search.>>

At the present time, the Historical Archive is eleven (11) months behind on
research requests. Please wait four more months before asking for a status
report. Bear in mind that if everyone requested a status report, and Galina
responded, the archive would get about 20 months behind instead of eleven.
She cannot respond to your queries and also do research at the same time.
All of us would like to receive records as soon as possible. However,
patience is needed as otherwise, the wait will become even longer.

Howard Margol

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