Howard Margol's Lithuania Internal Passports Database, 1919-1940 #lithuania


Howard Margol is to be congratulated for another outstanding service
for Litvaks - the "Lithuania Internal Passports Database, 1919-1940"
is another in a series of research achievements that enable us to
extract critical genealogical information. In this case the new 100
year records law in Lithuania would have prevented access to information
from critical internal passports in time for them to be of use to aging
Litvaks and their descendants. Howard's use of personal contacts with
archivists, the Jewish community in Lithuania and politicians - and with
a sensitivity necessary to achieve success - is outstanding.

When faced with what seemed like an impossible wall, Howard persevered
and found a way around it. We owe thanks as well to our friends working
in the archives.Howard's dedication to helping Litvaks reconnect and
understand their lost culture, with guided trips, research, articles
and talks has been a great contribution.

We have been fortunate to find two personal examples of these internal
passports and they provide not only important genealogical information,
but the photographs enable us to visualize our grandparents and great

We strongly urge Litvaks to support this JewishGen sponsored project.

David & Sonia Hoffman

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