Chaim Freedman's book on the descendants of the Gaon of Vilna #lithuania

Arnold Davidson <arnoldbd@...>

Chaim Freedman's voluminous and thoroughly documented book "Eliyahus's
Branches" has provided many of us with the opportunity to document
anecdotal information regarding our relationship with the Gaon. Since its
publication, additional research by Chaim Freedman and the readers of his
book has resulted in some modifications of his original family trees and
the expansion of his tree by many people who were able to connect to
families or individuals listed in his book.

I have written to Chaim about a revision to his book and, understandably,
he has so many other ongoing projects that he can not commit to a revision.

I wonder if someone could set up a website and database of additions and
corrections to Freedman's original trees. Even with a prominent caveat
that these modifications have not been verified or corroborated, this
information could be useful to many researchers until and if Chaim issues a
new edition of his book. Hopefully, Chaim would be involved in such a site.

Arnold Davidson
Boynton Beach, FL

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