Two brothers listed as one person #lithuania

B. Frederics <picturethisfilm@...>


Yes, it was somewhat common to change the name of siblings to avoid the
Russian draft. My great-uncle Israel immigrated to Mexico in the late
1920's and on a local Lithuanian census taken a few years later we found
his younger brother, Reuven, who was listed as Israel.

Hope this helps.

Bonnie Frederics
Tucson, AZ
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Subject: Two brothers listed as one person
From: "hrhode" <>

In records >from Lithuania for both my paternal (northern Lithuania) and
maternal (southeastern Lithuania) two brothers are listed as one person.

I don't know why although I assume that it may have something to do with

trying to avoid the Russian draft. I am curious to know how common this
practice was. Has anyone else come across such records?

Harold Rhode

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