A thousand Threads. A story told through Yiddish Letters #lithuania

Saul Issroff <saul@...>

A Thousand Threads. A Story told Through Yiddish Letters, Edited by Lily
Poritz Miller and Olga Zabludoff, and translated by Miriam Beckerman,
Washington DC: Remembrance Books, 2005 is a unique record of 250 letters
written in Yiddish between their uncle Zvi to family.

The letters tell the story of Jews in Lithuania in the 1920's. Zvi Shapiro
was stranded in Cuba on his way to the USA. He had lived in Butrimantz
(Butrimonys), Lithuania. The correspondence is mainly with his sister ( but
his family left behind in Lithuania ( Later killed in the shoah) also write.
He describes the difficulties facing a Litvak in Cuba, and many details of
life in Lithuania. His visa for the USA did not come through and he had to
try and make do in Cuba for a period. This is a unique story of migration,
displacement and resilience.

This can be ordered >from the publisher oz@intergate.com
isbn 0-9669349-1-1

Saul Issroff

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