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Dear Litvaks,

I am making a research on the Jewish history of Zeimelis (Lithuania)
relating to the period of June to August of 1941. I have to study
materials on military actions on the Northwest front around Shaulyai
from June 22 to July 9, 1941 to understand better how it might happen
that about a quarter of the local Jews could safely flew to the East.
The corps of the German first army occupied Shaulyai on June 26, 1941.
That time the corps consisted of 1st, 11th, and 21st infantry divisions.
I have the book describing the fighting way of the 21st infantry
division. I need to get pages of books about the fighting way of 1st and
11th infantry divisions >from June 22 to July 9, 1941. These books have
been published in Germany. Their titles are:

1) Die 1. Ostpreu?ische Infanterie-Division.

Werner Richter, Eigenverlag, 1975, 190 pages;

2) Weg und Schicksal der 11. Infanterie-Division.

Werner Buxa, Podzun, 1952, 163 pages.

Whoever of the Jews living in Germany could help me to get copies of
these pages. I will be deeply grateful. My publications will appear in
the Internet.

Anatolij Chayesh

St. Petersburg, Russia

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