Contradiction in documents #lithuania

Irene K. <impromptus2002@...>

Anat Rosen wrote:
"...However a family member who knew
these people testifies that the name they used is
Aharon(Aaronas) and "nobody knows who Avraham is ".

May I assume that he had both names and only by
hazard was one or the other written in the documents?"

It is rather common that the very same person had
different first names in various records. I found in
archival documents siblings whose paternal name was
totally different. It means that their father had
double name. I believe Anat's ancestor had two given
names: Aharon is a Hebrew name, Aaronas is Lithuanian
variation of the SAME name, and Avraham aka
Aba/Abraham was probably the name given him at his
birth but not used in real life.
This is really perfect reference to check given names

Irene Kudish

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