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Irene K. <impromptus2002@...>

In my previous letter I have mentioned the records
completed in Russian or in Russian and Hebrew. I agree
with Joel Ratner and there is no contradiction between
my and his words that all Revision lists (Revizkie
skazki in Russian) were in Russian only.

The Rabbinical vital records (birth, marriages, divorce,
death) as I said were completed by Rabbinical clerks
and majority of them are in both languages, Russian
and Hebrew, but... some old rabbinical books are
extremely fragile and they were COPIED by archivists
in Russian ONLY. That's why on CD that have been done
by Mormons Joel group has only Russian version for those
books. The original and copied files have the very same

When a researcher works in archives he/she orders the
file by number, and quite often the archivist brings
copies or microfilms (>from original). In order to
avoid mistakes a researcher may insist to have double
check in original book.

By the Lithuanian Law we are allowed to have an access
only to documents prior 1904. To check later records
you have to prove family relation to a family name in

Obviously the copied by Mormons CD do not have this
restriction. Also by some unknown reason this law is
not applied to foreign passports files.

The files in German mentioned by Ann Rabinowitz are
indeed completed after 1910, but it is not applied to
all Lithuanian cities.

As about the question raised by Marcia G. Hoffman
"What have I done incorrectly? Any suggestions would
be greatly appreciated"

The answer is: there is ONLY ONE person in charge of
Jewish genealogy in archives. Her name is Galina
Baranova. I have seen how busy she was. She has
hundreds requests, and it takes 6 months or more to
provide a proper reply to each demand. Marcia, either
you have to be patient or engage a private researcher.

Irene Kudish

Libkind/Lipkind (Belarus, Lithuania), Glikin (Belarus)

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