Brick Wall #lithuania

Howard Margol

<<From: Adiva Bloch <>
I received the following letter >from the Lithuanian State Historical
Archives and I don't know where to go next:
"Thank you for the message of June 21, 2005 in which you make inquiry
for the birth records of people >from Lithuania. We are not able to help
you with the birth record of Jankelis Blacheris born in 1902 in Seta. We
have checked the birth records of Plunge Jewish Community for the period
1910-1913, but could not find the birth record of Raze (Roza, Rauze)
Rostovskaite (Rostovski). We have checked the birth records 1854-1857
of Seredzius Jewish Community, but could not find the birth record of
Hyman (Khaim or Chaim) Press. We regret that we were not able to help
you in your matter."

Does this mean I have hit a brick wall? Can I not find out (especially
about Raze and Jankelis) who their parents were? I am not sure where to
go or what to do now to find this information.>>

Since the Historical Archive is eleven months behind on research of Jewish
records, you are fortunate to receive a response in two months. You only
asked the archive to search for vital records. I suggest you request a
search of all types of records, particularly revision lists, family lists,

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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