Searching: KANTOR family (part two) - Vilna #lithuania

Michael Trapunsky <trapunsky@...>

Hi all,

I am trying to find KANTOR relatives who originally came >from Vilna and the
surrounding areas in Lithuania.

My great great great grandparents, Eliyahu (b 1818) and Faige (b 1821) KANTOR
lived in Paberze, Lithuania. They had the following children:

1- Mariashe KANTOR - Married Zalman SAPERSTEIN and had Nachum and Moshe.

2- Shaina Tziviya KANTOR - Married Aharon SHTAIN and had Kayla, Bella
Gutta, Abba Yoseph, Mairiase and Meir Leib.

3- Margola KANTOR - Married Avraham YEDIDE and had Yitzchak, Shaindel,
Yakov Hertz and Clara. I believe that Clara may have moved to the States or
England. Her children were Saul, Irving David and Eli (last name unknown).

4- Sarah KANTOR - Married Yehuda YESHIA and had Chana Kayla, Shaina, Golda
and Pesil.

5- Eliakum Shimon KANTOR - Married Rivka and had Leizer, Avraham, Eide,
Leah, Esther Sarah, Zalman, and Reuven.

6- Yitzchak KANTOR - I know nothing about him.

7- Shmuel KANTOR - I know nothing about him.

8- Miriam KANTOR - I know nothing about her.

9- Chana Hinde KANTOR (1845-1925) - Married David SHER. They were my great
great grandparents. They had Malka, Golda, Yakov Reuven, Mairiase, Shmuel
Hertz, and Eliakum Gavriel (1883-1938).

If anyone knows anything about these families I would really appreciate
hearing back >from you.

Thanks very much,

Michael Trapunsky
Queens, New York, USA

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