Re: Education of immigrants #lithuania

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

Children were quite adaptable in those days as they still are and most
immigrant children learned enough English to get through school and some
went onto college when they found a way to finance their higher education.
Their parents encouraged them and then hoped that the education they
obtained would allow them to share in the American dream which it did.

As an example, my father's mother and her three sisters, born between 1880
and 1895, came to New York >from Lithuania in 1903. The three eldest who
were 18 or older went immediately to classes at night at the YWHA to learn
English and got jobs during the day. The youngest, then 8 years old, was
enrolled in an elementary school in an appropriate grade to her age in New
York City then in Paterson, New Jersey, when the family moved. She learned
English well enough as she went along to graduate high school with good
grades. She married and had children and they then graduated >from college
with honors, her son >from Harvard and her daughter >from Barnard College, and
then they went onto higher degrees. All typical of what our immigrant
ancestors and their children were capable of.

Ann Rabinowitz

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