VRI Progress Report - Keidan and other towns #lithuania

Joel Ratner

Since the beginning of the year, there has been significant progress made
with the Keidan vital records. Olga Zabludoff has managed to raise enough
money to not only have translation started, but there is enough for several
more months of translation work. I'm sure Olga will be pressing hard very
soon to continue fundraising so the translation activity may continue.

Olga released over one thousand Keidan birth records since June and the
trend is expected to continue. Before long, the birth records will be
complete and a decision will be made as to which records will come next
[death, divorce or marriage].

See Olga's message >from earlier today to donors [below] when she
released the latest records.

Joel Ratner
Coordinator, Vilna District Research Group

Dear Kedainiai Donors:

I am distributing the translations of nine years of 19th century birth
records (1822, 1848, 1851, 1852, 1854, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1859) in Excel
format and a Word document, "Kedainiai Birth Records: early to mid-19th
century." This brief introduction will help in understanding and
interpreting these records.

I am also attaching the 1910-1914 (no 1911) birth files which had been sent
to you in early July. These files had been released inadvertently prior to
final proofing. While there are no significant changes in the revised files
other than stylistic and minor corrections, you may want to substitute the
attached editions for the earlier versions.

The translator has now completed 1879 and is continuing into the 1880
decade. We are jumping around a bit in order to provide translations >from
various decades to better satisfy the needs of Kedainiai researchers.
Naturally all the gaps will be filled in (the 1860s, 1870s, etc.). I suspect
the 1880s records will bring good news for many of you because of the size
of the files and the details on the records. My intent is to distribute a
batch of these translations to you in November.

I thank all of you for your generous support of the project and I wish
everyone a very joyous holiday.

L'shana tova. K'siva v'khsima tova!

Olga Zabludoff, coordinator
Kedainiai VRI Project

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