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Hello All --

I'm seeking opinions and thoughts about the connection of various given
names. Briefly, this is the situation:

My ggg-grandfather is named Zissel Melech Kantor according to his son's
tombstone (Tsvi Kantor).

According to his son's death certificate, the same man was named "Jessie
Kantor". I have no problem with this discrepancy, as Jessie was likely
some Americanized version of Zissel (though Zissel himself never

Recently, I discovered what I believe is the 1858 Lithuanian Revision
List record of my gg-grandfather, Tsvi Kantor. His name (Tsvi),
birthyear (1853) and residence (Zagare) all match perfectly with all
previous records that I had. And his mother's name on the Revision List
(Gita) is close enough to the name Yetta/Ketea which appears on his
death certificate.

My big cause for concern is that on the Revision List, Tsvi's father is
named Shmuel. Is there any link between the name Shmuel and 'Zissel
Melech' or even 'Jessie'? And if there is no name connection, do you
think the other matching info mentioned above is enough to establish a
solid link? In support of a true match, I should also mention that my
gg-grandfather, Tsvi, did have a son named Sam (presumably named for a
deceased Shmuel). The Revision List Tsvi also mentions an uncle Abram
who also lived in their home. My gg-grandfather also had a son named
Abram. In other words, there are other known relatives within my family
who share names with those on the Revision List.

If you've read this far and have an opinion to offer, please respond
privately to joniffer3@earthlink.net . Thank you all for your time and

Jonathan Levine
New York, NY

Troskunai, Panevyzs, Raguva, Zagare

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