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Dennis Gelpe asked:
<< I was wonder just what examples of data were found when using
the Vilna State Archives genealogical research services....Have people
been able to learn about past family members, or names of people going
back generations? >>

My experience requesting research >from Galina Baranova and the
Lithuanian State Historical Archive in Vilnius has been a very positive
and very helpful one.

It began back in 1995 when Galina and her colleague Laima attended
the IAJGS conference in Washington, D.C. and I had a consultation with
them. I requested that they research my BASTUNSKI and KAGANOVICH
families >from Eisiskes, and a few months later (waiting times were much
shorter 10 years ago!), I received a list of 36 birth, marriage and death
records for individuals with these surnames. I ordered copies of many
of the records, and especially in the case of the BASTUNSKI family found
branches I'd never known.

Two years later when I went to Vilnius and found my father's second cousin
living there, I was able to pinpoint exactly how he and I were related
because of the records Galina had found. Otherwise I would have never
known how we were connected.

Later Galina researched the revision lists >from Eisiskes, and as a separate
research task, the revision lists >from the Lida Kahal (community) going
back to the supplemental revision of 1818 >from the tiny villages in the
Lida Kahal. Because of this I was able to find my BASTUNSKI family -- going
back to my fourth great-grandfather -- living in the tiny village of Sokoly,
near Bastuny, in 1818. Galina later informed me about another list >from
1888 that included the name BASTUNSKI.

If there are vital records for your town, you can learn a lot by helping to
get these records indexed through LitvakSIG's VItal Records Indexing project.
If you make a qualifying contribution and obtain the Excel File of that
town's data you can search it in ways that help you find family members
with different surnames, etc.

But for some towns there are also additional records in the Vilnius Archive
that can be searched, including vital records later than those in the VRI
project, and such a search can be very worthwhile.

Judy Baston
San Francisco, CA

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