Re: Examples of data found when researching the Vilna State archives #lithuania

Ari Greenberg <ari.greenberg.gen@...>

Dennis Gelpe wrote :

I was wonder just what examples of data were found when using the
Vilna State Archives genealogical research services. A hundred dollars
(plus) is a sizeable sum for me to justify to my current family to be
spent just to learn that, for example, my grandfather lived on
such-and-such street in 1850. Have people been able to learn about past f=
members, or names of people going back generations?
Some months ago I hired a private researcher, who was recommended by a
friend of mine.In a month she delivered a comprehensive report that
included over twenty vital records and several revision lists of my
paternal and maternal sides of the family. I got the copies of
originals, family trees and detailed analysis of the found documents
in English. When I contacted the researcher I knew only the generation
of my grandparents and doubted in possibility to find their
forefathers, meanwhile I did not exclude an outside chance and decided
to stake some $$. It was rewading. Now my family trees go back to 1816
thanks to the Vilna research.

For specifics about this researcher, please write me privately,

Ari Greenberg,
Fremont, CA

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