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Tamar Dothan <dothan-t@...>

Being the one who started this thread I would like to add some remarks.
As you remember, I asked for your comments on the possibility of a
mother and her daughter both having the second name LEA .

Olga Zabludoff, the Keidan Vital Records Project coordinator, suggested
to check the original birth record for me. On reexamination it looks
like either the scribe or the translator made a mistake. The Hebrew
record has the mother's second name LEA and the daughter's LANE.

In another case both a father and his son seemed to be recorded with
the second name ISRAEL. On closer examination of the original records
this also proved to be a mistake.

I suggest that whenever you encounter records of a parent and child with
the same name, seriously consider asking the coordinator to
double-check the record for a possible error, unless you have more data
to support it.

As Olga Zabludoff has explained, "When processing thousands of records,
there is a possibility for error. The error may have originated with the
scribe. In such cases we can only speculate on a possible correction or
make a correction based on additional supporting data. We use the
"Comments" column to make such annotations. The translator may make an
error while translating or keyboarding the data. Often such errors are
caught in the proofing stage, but not always. Occasionally the Russian
side of the record may contain the error while the corresponding Hebrew
side may actually clarify it--or visa versa.

It is always best to check with your shtetll coordinator if you
encounter issues in the records. Fortunately, 99 percent of the time the
records are accurate."

Tamar Dothan

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