Litvaks. :-) #lithuania

Sam Schleman <Samara99@...>

Meri-Jane Rochelson wrote:
As a proud Litvak married to the son of a "mixed marriage"--
Litvak/Galitzianer--I would be sad to see the memory of this distinction
fade. <SNIP>
By the way, most Litvaks I speak with assume that it was always recognized
that we were the more intellectual and scholarly of Ashkenazic Jews. But a
very well-educated Jewish friend >from a Galitzianer background once told me
that in his family they always assumed the opposite.
When I started tracing the genealogy of my Litvak side, a cousin, to whom
the fact we were Lithuanian was news (Everyone always said we were from
"Russia"), told this fact to her Rabbi. His response was that this meant
she was a "Litvak". She asked what that meant. His response was "It means
you married down". <GRIN>

Sam Schleman

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