Internal Passport Database - 1919-1940 #lithuania

Howard Margol

If there is any possibility that you had ancestors living in Lithuania
during the 1919-1940 period, I suggest you search the Internal Passport
Database on Jewishgen -

In reviewing the translated records as I receive them I see many instances
where an individual applied for their internal passport in a different town
than the one they were born in or lived in. Example: a female who was born,
and lived in Jonava, was not included in the Jonava internal passport
files. She applied for her internal passport in the city of Kaunas. Looking
for her passport in the Jonava records will not bear fruit. Even if the
internal passport files for your town or village has not been translated
as yet, you may still find success in searching the database.

In early January, 2006, almost 4,500 translated records will be added to
the internal passport database.

Howard Margol
Coordinator - Lithuania Internal Passport Database

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