Additional surnames for Vilnius society plots in New York and New Jersey #lithuania

Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

Greetings all,

Within the last week, I posted a message that I had put on my web site a
list of the unique surnames to seven of the extant sixteen
Vilnius-associated society plots that are located in New York and New
Jersey. I would like to tell you that now there are names on the list >from
eleven of them, including those >from the very large plot of the United
Wilner Benevolent Association at Mt. Lebanon (nearly six-hundred burials).
There are now nearly seven-hundred unique surnames on the Vilnius unique
surnames list. Surnames >from the remaining five plots, the two in Staten
Island and three in New Jersey, will not be included in this list unless the
information is acquired by other means. Feel free to examine this list and
contact me privately if you find on it a surname that is of interest to you.

The list mentioned can be accessed directly through the link .

Steven Lasky

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