Re: World War I expulsion from Siauliai #lithuania

Eilat Gordin Levitan

Assaf Urieli asked about World War I expulsion of Jews >from Siauliai.

I created a page for Siauliai (Shavl or Shavli), the birth place of my
husbands' grandmother; Dr. Ada Yeta Levitan ( nee Rabinovitz)
I spoke to a few natives who survived the Shoah in Siauliai. I posted
their stories
You should read in Siauliai stories; Through the Eye of the Needle
Mr. Meyer Kron wrote; "..all the Jews had to move >from the Pale of
Settlement eastward. The time allotted for this move was limited and,
as a result, quite a panic ensued. People used all means of
transportation to move. Our family was lucky enough to get onto a
railway car. We first moved to Vitebsk, where we stayed for about a
year, then to the small town of Bogorodsk, approximately forty miles
from Moscow.
There are other stories.

Prof. Simcha Brudno ( born in Shavli in 1924) told me;

In 1914, at the outbreak of the First World War , my father Aharon was
taken to serve in the czars' army. Many of the Russian soldiers looked
at him strangely since he was the first Jew they had ever met. .... .
In the spring of 1915, the Russian leaders decided to expel the Jews
to the interior of the country, claiming that the Jews had helped the
Germans and blaming them for the failures of the Russian army. The
Jews of Shavli were forced onto trains to Poltova and later to Kharkov
where my mother Berta and sister Nechama spent their days .... When
the war ended, they returned to Shavli and reunited with my father,

Eilat Gordin Levitan
Los Angeles

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