Re: Lithuanian Vital Records Database is now LIVE #general

Ben Forman <ben.forman@...>

I pretty sure I've just found the birth record of my GGGM, SHAINA
VEINER she was born in Panevezys / Kupiskis in 1878. But I would like to
check a couple of things

1. It gives an exact date in 1878 for her date of birth which would mean
that her daughter, my great granmother was born when she was 17. My GGM
had an older sister Nechama and it would seem unlikely that they would
both be born by the time their mother was 17.Do you think this is

2.It lists the name of the father/grandfather as Vulf Mordkhel, Falk, I
have not come across the name Falk before, is it a diminutive of
something. It lists the mother/grandfather as Esther Malka is this Ester
whose mother was Malka, and no name for the father or maiden name .

Thanks for the help, I'll keep my fingers crossed and do some more
checking tonight (GMT)


Ben Forman
manchester UK

searching: FURMAN: Kaluszyn; CAHN: Koeln; BERNSTEIN: Ylakai, STILLMAN:
Pilica/Czestechowa; SAWADY: Zavadi/Posen; GEVER: Daugavpils

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