Czarist Army Posts in Bialystok? #poland

David Slater

Family lore is that my great grandmother Zelda (WASHILOVSKY) KRAUZE
(1859-1936), supported the family by cooking for the Czar's army in
Bialystok during the period 1878 (her marriage) & 1904 (her emigration).

Would anyone know of resources which might have information regarding
Czarist Army posts in Bialystok? I'm trying to determine whether she would
have independently provided food as a private contractor or was actually 'on
the payroll' of the army.

Any information on the subject would be greatly appreciated,

David Slater
Atlanta, GA

Researching: Washilkosky; Krauze; Cohen; Kuper ; -- Bialystok
Schlachter; Drobis, Baron; Skodowitz; Morvitz -- Kovarsk & Dvinsk
Deutsch/Dajcz; Moshkovsky; Bukovitzki; Monte; Meirovitz -- Slonim
Simonsohn/Simson -- Riga

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