Maiden name of Chana Chaimovitz wife of Chain Tvi of Krekenava. #lithuania

Howard Margol

<From: Anita Fischer
<I am trying to search the Lithuanian Internal Passports Database but
<seem to be going in circles. I have found my grandfather in several
<databases but never his wife listed nor her maiden name. Is there a
<data base only for Internal Passports?

It would be helpful if Anita could clarify her question. She states
that she has found her grandfather in several databases and, at the
same time, asks if there is a data base only for Internal Passports.
There are many databases pertaining to Lithuania on Jewishgen in
addition to the Internal Passport Database, i.e., the LitvakSIG
All Lithuania Database (ALD), the Jewishgen Lithuania Vital Records
Database, just to name a few.

It will be awhile before the Krekenava internal passport files will
be translated, if they exist. Chaim and his wife may have applied for
their internal passport in some other town in Lithuania other than

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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