NOT a recipe: The "gefilte fish line" #lithuania


This is not a recipe!

In response to the comment of Mr. CHILTON, that there is a "gefilte fish
line" that divides the Jews of Eastern Europe, a scholarly paper on exactly this
topic was delivered by Prof. Michael STEINLAUF of Gratz College at a
conference of the IAJGS.

A report on this paper was written by Bill GLADSTONE for the Jewish
Telegraphic Agency.

Unfortunately, the AOL email program that JewishGen requires me to use when
posting will not permit me to paste in the URL, so interested participants
will have to use a search engine to access the exact website.

Still, the report is on the web and it does explicate this Mason-Dixon type
line, dividing the Jews of Eastern Europe by whether they prefer their
gefilte fish with sugar or without.

New York City USA

MODERATOR'S NOTE: You can read Bill Gladstone's story at:

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